The Difference Between: The Casual Box vs. The Vintage Box

The Difference Between: The Casual Box vs. The Vintage Box

 The Casual Box vs. The Vintage Box

MysteryFits offers two different types of mystery boxes: The Casual Box and The Vintage Box. Our mystery boxes consist of second-hand clothing and vintage clothing. The Casual Box will contain mostly modern second-hand clothing and sometimes a vintage piece can be found within the box if it matches the style of the outfit. The Vintage Box will contain vintage clothing.

You may ask: "What is exactly the difference between The Casual Box vs. The Vintage Box?" Let us explain the difference.

The Difference Explained 

Second-hand Clothing

All items that have been previously owned by at least one other person, are considered second-hand. This doesn’t have anything to do with how old the particular piece is. Basically, everything you purchase that has had an owner before is called second-hand. At MysteryFits, all of our second-hand clothing is categorized as “modern”, meaning all of our second-hand items are produced less than 25 years ago.

 Vintage Clothing

Clothing is considered to be vintage when it meets several criteria. The clothing is between 20 and 100 years old. Clothing older than 100 years is considered antique. Vintage items should clearly represent styles and trends from that era. Pieces that are between 20 and 100 years old, but have a classic style should not be considered vintage since they will not represent the specific style and trends of an era. Vintage clothing could be also second-hand since it probably has been owned by someone else, but there is also a possibility of vintage clothing being "deadstock". Deadstock is clothing that has never been worn or even sold.

For vintage clothing condition, material composition, and brand all influence the value of a vintage piece. Vintage clothing often has its own, typical, stylistic characteristics and shows the fashion trends of its own time. For example, you could think of the typical flared pants, mostly worn in the 70s, or the totally hip shoulder pads out of the 80s.


  • The production period
  • The style
  • The value





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