How We Style Our Mystery Box

How We Style Our Mystery Box

Our way of working

Once in a while, it’s important to take a critical look at yourself and think about what you want to radiate and what really suits you. There are probably items that make you feel more powerful and self-confident than others. Everyone has their own style and ordering a Mystery Clothing Box can therefore seem quite inconvenient. By explaining our way of working, we hope to take those misconceptions away and convince everyone to step out of their comfort zone.


All of our Mystery Boxes are unique. You may ask how is that possible. Well at Mystery Fits we fill our Mystery Boxes with second-hand clothing and vintage clothing. If you want to know what the difference is between second-hand clothing and vintage clothing you can read this blog. All these clothing pieces are unique, therefore, all our Mystery Boxes will be completely different. By filling our Mystery Boxes in this way we can create a vintage-inspired outfit. We want to create an exciting online thrift store experience that is unique and cheap. Where you can find vintage treasures while saving money.


At Mystery Fits, we try to be as inclusive as possible. We believe that you’re never too old to look fashionable. This is why we have created a way of shopping that has an eye for every single individual. All of our customers have to sign up and create a personal account, before making an order. While signing up, every customer has to fill in a form, in which a few questions about their personal preferences and personal features are asked. Those answers provide our team a lot of useful information about our customers. By analyzing this data, we can hand-pick the perfect outfit for every individual.


Before we put together an outfit, we take a lot of different aspects into consideration. For example, weight and height. Those features are crucial when it comes to second-hand clothing and creating an outfit with those items. We believe that every size is beautiful, no matter what. By paying attention to different body types, we try to pick an outfit that suits the particular features of the individual. This results in the best outfits, that suit the very own authentic characteristics of our customers.


We believe that fashion is about confidence and feeling good in your own looks. This is why we find it so important to help our customers on a personal level. We hope to satisfy every individual by listening to their preferences. In our form, we try to ask a minimum of questions, that give us the most useful information. Obviously, those questions are based on averages. Therefore, our last question is open-ended. If there’s anything that our customers would like us to take into account, they can leave a comment. If you are not satisfied with your new items, despite our measures, the Mystery Boxes can always be returned according to our return policy.


Since we are working with second-hand items and vintage items we sometimes can struggle with the styling in combination with our inventory. This means that we sometimes cannot style the Mystery Box as we have imagined in our minds. Because we do not have the right piece in our inventory. This means that we have to rethink the idea we had for the Mystery Box and style it in a different way.

Our team enjoys the task to style the best possible Mystery Box for the customer even if it takes more time than planned. In the mean time, we are growing and we will grow our team and inventory. This will make it easier for our team to find the items that they have in their mind to complete the outfit.




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