How our Mystery Box works!

How our Mystery Box works!

At Mysteryfits, we believe that sustainability is the future. Therefore, we have been working on a new and exciting way of shopping, that most importantly will not hurt our environment.

By now, our store consists of two products, which we call the outfit mystery boxes. We’re working hard on adding more boxes to our store, but we have already got lots of choices for a very diverse audience. The boxes can be put in two categories: the winter boxes and the summer boxes. All of our boxes contain five to six items, including a top, a bottom and accessories.

Logically, the winter boxes consist of a T-shirt, a bottom, but also a sweater or a coat, and some accessories to keep you warm and stylish during the cold days, like scarves or winter hats. The summer boxes, on the other hand, consist of multiple tops or bottoms, and of course fashionably accessories for the sunny days, like caps or silky scarves. The pieces are mostly modern second-hand clothing in a near brand-new state (for example brands like Zara, H&M, Primark, Nike etc.) with a few retro gems here and there.

However, it is important to note that our items aren’t only vintage. We mix modern second-hand clothing with vintage items and by doing so, we try to create fashionable and refreshing outfits. Hopefully, our initiative will inspire everyone to gradually grow into wearing more second-hand clothing.

Obviously, everyone has their own style preferences, and a mystery box could therefore seem quite inconvenient. But at Mysteryfits, we try our best to design personal and authentic boxes.
By optionally creating an account before making an order, our customers can fill in a form and express their preferences. After that, the clothing items are hand-picked by our team, so we can fulfil all the individual wishes.
If the outfit box doesn’t match the expectancies of the customer, we will refund the entire amount, excluding shipment costs, without a question asked. We can also replace your box for the cost of shipment.

Our team believes that the mystery boxes provide a fun way of shopping while reducing our carbon footsteps. We aim to inspire our customers and pull them out of their comfort zone by trying out this new and unique way of enrichening your wardrobe. All of our items have the potential of being reused and loved once again. This is how our mystery outfit boxes came along!

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