Frequently Asked Questions

Mystery Box

All types of brands can be expected. From unknown brands, to the likes of H&M and Zara, but also Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss.

The division of these brands in the Mystery Boxes is random. For example, the Casual Box is filled with a combination of mainly modern second-hand clothing and potentially some vintage pieces. But our Vintage box is filled with the more known vintage-styled clothing.

Yes! You can add several sentences right before you make your purchase. We will try out best to follow your preference if our stock lets us do so.

For example, it is easy for us to not put in a skirt if that is something you dislike. But it could me more difficult if you would want bright pink pants. Since that is something we don't often have in our stock.

Yes, that is possible. Send an email with what should be changed and we will keep that in mind.

No, we don't.

We have two reasons to not wash them:

- We know for a fact that most people will still wash the clothes for themselves before wearing them. 

- We want to offer our Mystery Boxes on the lowest price possible for you. Washing the clothes would make the Mystery Boxes more expensive.

Shoot us a DM on Instagram @Mysteryfits or e-mail us at for a response within 24 hours. For questions regarding returns or anything else order related, please only use e-mail.


Are you unhappy with the contents of your Mystery Box? We will refund the entire amount excluding shipment cost without a question asked, within 14 days of purchase.

We can also replace your box for a new Mystery Box for the cost of shipment.

Currently, we only accept fully returned Mystery Boxes. That means that is not possible to keep some items.

If you want to return or replace your Mystery Box, send us a e-mail.

Once we have received the return we will start the refunding process which can take up to maximum of 14 days.


We aim to ship every package within 3 working days from our warehouse in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

Sometimes we are a bit slower than that since we have to hand pick every order and item. So if you have not received a shipping confirmation, don't worry. Your Mystery Box is waiting to be packed and shipped.

No, we currently do not ship outside of The Netherlands. That is something we hope to do in the future.

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